The BEST CBD Product for Alcoholism



   Pure Balance   
Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture
A whole-plant formula with an undetectable level of THC. Hemp-based, vegan, and non-GMO. Designed for daily use

Safe & Effective

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Why we like it:

Pure Balance's Broad Spectrum CBD tincture offers you all the benefits of whole hemp cannabinoids for whole body care without any detectable levels of THC which makes it ideal for managing alcoholism.


A balanced approach to achieving your wellness goals, pure hemp broad-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from high-quality hemp grown in Colorado.


For best results using CBD, incorporate a daily dose of pure balance tincture into your wellness regime. This formula supports balance and harmony in the endocannabinoid system to target areas in the body that are most in need.


Featuring a full array of whole hemp cannabinoids without detectable levels of THC, pure balance broad spectrum brings you the best possible results without any possible effects or traces of THC.

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