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CBD Tincture with Holy Basil
Full Spectrum certified USDA Organic CBD with HOLY BASIL and MCT OIL in a 30ml tincture.

Pure & Natural

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Why we like it:

Holy Basil and CBD are two natural remedies for depression.


Both of these treatments have been shown to be beneficial for people who suffer from depression. Experts agree that best way to use CBD is to use it with other alternative treatments (like herbal therapy) so it can work synergistically.


Holy Basil has been used in India for thousands of years to treat a whole host of ailments. The ‘holy’ in ‘holy basil’ comes from the Sanskrit language which means ‘holy knowledge’.


Holy Basil contains a compound called oleuropein which helps alleviate depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.


Ocimum Sanctum contains a myriad of other beneficial compounds and is used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

All MonaLisa products are made with organic ingredients grown in the USA.

Batch-specific lab results are also available online.


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