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Pet CBD Soft Chews & Treats for Dogs
Crafted with a unique Broad Spectrum CBD formula derived from quality hemp plants grown in the USA.

Safe & Effective

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Why we like it:

This entire line of CBD products for dogs are crafted with a unique Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula derived from high-quality hemp plants grown right here in the USA.


Combined with delicious flavors like chicken and bacon, and baked cheese; these CBD soft chews and treats offer the benefits of premium hemp extracts and terpenes.

We highly recommend the full line of paw cbd products.


These products are created using the highest manufacturing standards and third-party tested by independent labs for purity and quality.

  • Produced with premium cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG

  • Tested by third-party, ISO certified to ensure quality

  • Guaranteed GMP, THC free,* and gluten-free

  • Designed for small dogs and senior dogs with aging teeth

  • Made in three CBD concentrations for dogs of every size

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paw cbd - Calm Canine Bundle - CBD Calming Chews & CBD Calming Oil

Provide your furry, four-legged sidekick with the tranquility and serenity needed during the most stressful moments using the whole-body benefits of high-quality CBD.


The CBD Calm Canine Bundle for medium to large dogs uses a carefully crafted Superior Broad Spectrum CBD full of high quality hemp extract and additional terpenes from USA grown hemp.


Soothe your dog during those stressful moments with the relaxing products of our bundle.

  • Formulated with premium CBD and additional cannabinoids and terpenes

  • Tested for purity and consistency by third party, ISO certified labs

  • Proven THC free,* gluten free, and GMP

  • Includes CBD calming chews and calming oil

  • Contains well-rounded CBD concentrations

paw cbd - Pet CBD Peanut Butter

Give your four-legged family member excitement and delight using our CBD-infused peanut butter for dogs.


Each jar contains carefully formulated peanut butter made from natural peanuts and infused with our proprietary Superior Broad Spectrum CBD formula that’s bursting with whole-body CBD benefits guaranteed to have your dog barking with satisfaction!

  • Contains premium hemp extracts infused with tasty, natural peanut butter

  • Quality tested for consistency by third party, ISO certified labs

  • Guaranteed vegan, gluten free, GMP, and THC free*

  • Available in three CBD concentrations

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