The Best CBD Infused Warming Balm

CBD Warming Balm


300mg - 2400mg


1-4 fl oz


$20 - $79

Relieve CBD Gel
The cooling effect desensitizes your nerves & the warming effect relaxes your muscles. This award-winning full-spectrum CBD formula eases discomfort & inflammation for hours.

Pure & Natural

Top Recommendation

Mission Farms

Why we like it:

Relieve your aches and pains with this CBD Joint and Muscle Gel. This blend of CBD, soothing aloe, essential oils and menthol provides fast-acting relief. This #1 selling product eases discomfort and inflammation so you can enjoy the activities you love the most. This CBD Gel is a game-changer for athletes.

Try it with 1200mg or 2400mg of CBD in a 4 ounce pump bottle. You’ll find even stronger and faster relief with these extra-strength varieties.

The cooling effect of this CBD Gel desensitizes your nerves then the warming effect relaxes your muscles. The full-spectrum CBD then goes to work easing discomfort and inflammation for hours.

CBD Warming Balm

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